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I discovered the Kickbike in 2004, thanks to my Huskies. I love the outdoors, and I immediately fell in love with this scooter. After trying all the models, I know that Kickbiking is a sport all to itself.

The following year, I tested the Kickspark. I found this strange contraption much easier to drive than I had expected. Ice, snow, with or without dogs - the variations abound.

In 2008, the Kickbike and Kickspark lines grew to include new models, including some with aluminium frames. I have now also installed a sales area- feel free to call for an appointment.

Happy kicking to all. See you soon! - Lysiane Pernet Keller


About Kickbike

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General information about Kickbiking.

The Scooters

Kickbikes, accessories and documentation.

The Kicksleds

Continue Kicking during the winter!
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